We been selling standard aquarium with wooden cabinet for years. I am not saying wooden cabinet is not good because with the right design and colour, it looks great.

Wooden Cabinet Steel Stand

As you all know, wood and steel doesn't really play well with water. So we have received quite a number of job for replacing cabinet and steel stand. It really a painful experience replacing anyone of these, especially the wooden cabinet. Only a handful of us (fish shop) keep stock and most of the time, we want to sell it in set. So if you want to replace the wooden cabinet, basically you need to wait for few days. Steel ones is much easier to get. Replacing it require to unload and dismantle every single thing before you able to replace it. Hardware pretty easy to handle, but how about your fish? This is the golden question.

Distributor introduced a new type of cabinet which the material play quite well with water; aluminum and fiber. from that day onward, we have start selling these cabinet like hot cakes. Its affordable and looks good as well. Request from customer for wooden dwindle for standard aquarium set. We still sell steel stand but not that much now days.

So if you planned to replaced you standard aquarium cabinet, please drop by and check it out for additional option.

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